Goals of Luxembourg's defence policy

In a changing world, Luxembourg has interests and values which it chooses to protect through a principled defence policy and by contributing to the collective security and defence systems of which it is a part.

Through its Armed Forces and Defence as a whole, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg intends to contribute to the global response of the EU, NATO, the UN and the OSCE to security and defence challenges. Each organisation acts, in its own field and in its own way, in promoting and defending our common values.

Luxembourg Defence will continue to contribute to key areas and to fair burden sharing amongst Allies, Member States and partners.

NATO is the cornerstone of the Euro-Atlantic security. Today's forces are called upon to become more robust, responsive and available to contribute within their means to NATO's three core tasks - deterrence and collective defence, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security. Among these tasks, collective defence can be described as "primus inter pares". Indeed, the deterrence and defence posture is and will remain essential to preserve peace. It is therefore a matter of contributing to these efforts in peacetime, in order to contribute to the credibility of the Alliance. For the European Allies, this means strengthening its European pillar, and thus the EU, NATO's main strategic partner. This will be achieved first and foremost through the implementation of the commitments made in the framework of PESCO, in particular participation in EU crisis management operations, in EU battlegroups, the coordination of defence policies, the joint acquisition and pooling of equipment, joint training and the strengthening of interoperability as well as of the deployment capability of European forces. The Luxembourg Defence will continue to support the activities of the OSCE, especially in the field of confidence- and security-building measures, including in particular arms control.

Is this enough? The answer is clearly no. The complexity and scale of the current and potential challenges and conflicts require a whole-of-government approach. In the event of a national crisis, a central role will be played by Luxembourg Defence under the governance of the High Commission for National Protection (HCPN).

Promoting our values internationally

Luxembourg's defence policy promotes, among other things, the rule of law, respect for human rights, democracy, freedom, international solidarity, sustainable development and the maintenance of peace and security through an effective multilateral system. Our values guide the actions of our Defence and are also reflected in the political commitments of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Preservation of Luxembourg's essential security interests through the multilateral system based on international law

Luxembourg's defence policy contributes to the protection of Luxembourg's essential security interests, namely: 

  • safeguarding the integrity of the territory, independence and sovereignty of Luxembourg;
  • safeguarding the freedom and security of the population in a stable, open and dynamic society;
  • protection of the foundations of Luxembourg's prosperity, economic security and strategic supplies; and
  • resilience of society, the State and public services. 
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