The Directorate of Defence coordinates and implements Luxembourg's defence policy.

Defence is an integral part of Luxembourg's foreign policy. As a member of the UNO, European Union and Atlantic Alliance (NATO), Luxembourg is an active and supportive partner in international security, peacekeeping, crisis management, collective defence and the implementation of European security and defence policy.

At a national level, the Directorate of Defence provides legislative, regulatory and budgetary oversight of Luxembourg's army personnel. It is also responsible for recruiting young people wishing to enlist as volunteer soldiers in the Luxembourg army.

A strong and professional Luxembourg army enables Luxembourg to ensure its national security, as well as deploying military personnel on UNO, NATO and European Union missions. Luxembourg thus plays an active role in protecting and defending its security interests and those of Europe, bears its share of responsibility in discharging international commitments, and demonstrates its solidarity with its allies and partners. The Directorate of Defence defines the regulatory framework for the Luxembourg Army's operational commitments abroad.

The Directorate of Defence also prepares and oversees the national and international meetings attended by the Ministry of Defence.

The Directorate of Defence is also responsible for ensuring that investment planning and the development of military capabilities and assets is capable of meeting Luxembourg's national requirements and European Union and NATO obligations. In this context, the Directorate of Defence endeavours to encourage Luxembourg's economic fabric to take part in the defence effort, with a view both to diversifying national defence-related activities and supporting specialist areas in which we have a comparative advantage and add value.

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