Air capabilities

Air capabilities operated for the benefit of the Luxembourg Defence and its Armed Forces are managed by the Directorate of Defence and its Armaments, Procurement and Investments Department. This includes national capabilities as well as multinational capabilities operated by NATO, the EU or in a specific partnership. The Directorate of Defence works closely with the Armed Forces and national and international partners to ensure optimum use of the various air capabilities. The activities of the Directorate are divided into several areas: 

  • Providing air capabilities for operations and missions in which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is involved 
    The A400M and A330 MRTT transport aircraft play a crucial role in the deployment of troops and the delivery of material and equipment to the various theatres of operation in which the Luxembourg Armed Forces and its Allies operate. Luxembourg's A400M, part of the bi-national Belgian-Luxembourg fleet, and the MRTT aircraft of the multinational unit based in Eindhoven, have participated in evacuation operations, provide rotation to theatres of operations and contribute to the in-flight refuelling of the fighter aircraft protecting European airspace. At the same time, Luxembourg Defence is providing a Beech KingAir 350 maritime patrol aircraft to the EUNAVFOR MED IRINI operation in the Mediterranean through a service contract.
  • Management of the Luxembourg Defence aircrafts 
    The Directorate of Defence participates in the management of the A400M programme and supervises the in-service support of the Luxembourg A400M operated by the binational BELUX A400M unit. In coordination with the Police Grand-Ducale, the Directorate provides and supports two H-145M helicopters for internal security missions on Luxembourg territory.
  • Luxembourg representation on multinational air capacity steering committees 
    As a NATO Ally and EU Member State, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is involved in several partnerships that operate multinational air capabilities. The Directorate of Defence participates in the governing bodies of these programmes.
    • MMF - Multinational MRTT Fleet, based in Eindhoven (Netherlands) - A330 multi-role aircraft (in-flight refuelling, medical evacuation, passenger transport)
    • NAEW&C Force - NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force - AWACS fleet based in Geilenkirchen (Germany)
    • NATO AGS - Allied Ground Surveillance - RQ-4D "Phoenix" UAVs based in Sigonella, Italy, with an ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) mission
    • AFSC - Allied Future Surveillance Concept - programme to develop NATO's first multi-milieu surveillance capability
  • The management of service contracts relating to the provision of air services for the benefit of Luxembourg Defence and our Allies
    Through service contracts managed by the Directorate of Defence, Luxembourg can call on aircraft for strategic medical evacuation, passenger transport and intercontinental air cargo. Luxembourg also offers its services to allied nations. Coordination is ensured by the European Air Transport Command (EATC) and the Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE).
  • The Directorate of Defence is in charge of the supervision of aviation regulations, issues related to the aviation safety of the aircraft of Luxembourg Defence and the authorisation of flights over Luxembourg territory. The Directorate of Defence works in close coordination with the Luxembourg players in the aviation sector (DAC / ANA / LuxAirport, etc.).
  • The Directorate of Defence ensures that Luxembourg's interests are represented in numerous committees, forums and working groups in the field of aviation at NATO and EU level.
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