Armed Forces

The Armed Forces' main mission is to ensure the nation's security. It has been doing this for more than 200 years, and in its current form as a volunteer army for more than half a century. The Armed Forces are constantly evolving and reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of tomorrow. By becoming more involved in new areas such as air, space and cyber, the Armed Forces develop new activities. 

The Armed Forces' missions

On a national level:

  • the defence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • participate, in the event of a threat or crisis, in the protection of vital points and areas as well as critical infrastructures on national territory
  • providing assistance to other public administrations and the population in the event of major public interest or disasters
  • ensuring the removal and destruction of conventional munitions discovered on national territory
  • provide volunteers of the Armed Forces with preparation for jobs in the public and private sectors

On an international level:

  • contributing to collective and common security and defence within the framework of international organisations of which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a member
  • contributing to multilateral and bilateral cooperations of which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a member
  • participate in peacekeeping and crisis management missions
  • taking part in verifying and monitoring the implementation of international treaties to which the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a party
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