The Directorate

The Directorate of Defence is part of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Cooperation and Foreign Trade, but reports to a specific minister, the Minister of Defence, Yuriko Backes.

The Directorate of Defence coordinates and implements the defence policy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It prepares and oversees national and international meetings attended by the Minister of Defence. Internationally, the Directorate participates in defining Luxembourg's positions within the multilateral institutions of which it is a member.

The objective of the defence policy is to ensure that the Luxembourg Armed Forces have the human resources and equipment needed to contribute to the defence of our security interests and to fulfil their national and international missions. On a national level, the Directorate of Defence acts as the line Ministry for the Armed Forces and manages the organisation and personnel of the Armed Forces in the legislative, regulatory and budgetary fields. It supports the operational commitments of the Luxembourg Armed Forces abroad.

The Directorate of Defence is responsible for planning investments and developing military capabilities and resources, as well as identifying investments to diversify Luxembourg's defence effort. Today, Luxembourg Defence and its Armed Forces have a wide range of capabilities and skills in areas such as land reconnaissance, air, space or cyber defence.

The Directorate of Defence continues to develop its capabilities using a “pooling and sharing” approach with trusted partners and Allies to make more effective and efficient use of resources at European and transatlantic levels.

Given the size of the Grand Duchy and the limited scope of its defence resources and structures, the security and defence policy pursued by the Minister and the Directorate of Defence has an international, bi- and multilateral orientation. Luxembourg is a founding member of the major multilateral institutions of the 20th century, including the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), the European Union (EU) and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

In order to be fully recognised as a member of the EU and an Ally within NATO, Luxembourg undertakes its fair share of collective deterrence and defence efforts. On the international stage, national troops often operate under the banner of the multilateral institutions mentioned above. And often as part of contingents of our Allies. In this way, Luxembourg Defence contributes to a fair distribution of burdens and risks.

Luxembourg's foreign policy defends the values of freedom, peace and security, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, solidarity, equal opportunities and sustainable development. The Directorate of Defence, part of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defence, Cooperation and Foreign Trade, pursues a broad security concept combining diplomacy, development and defence, known as the "3D approach". Recognising the threat of climate change and the security risks it poses, Luxembourg is actively promoting "green defence" at national and international level.

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